Rubber tracks are one of our flagship parts, with unique features and a variety of applications.

In our warehouse in Modena, we have a large supply of spare parts, including rubber tracks, an essential component for construction machinery.

Three key words: steel cables, metalcore, compound

Thanks to thirty years of experience in the field and strong collaboration with our suppliers, we have developed a top-quality product with high performance on every type of application.
Three are the strengths of our rubber tracks:

  • Steel cables;
  • Metal inserts;
  • Rubber compound.

Steel cables

The diameter of the inner cables has been increased, which ensures high strength and traction. The formula adopted in production guarantees a good bonding of the steel cable with the rubber.

Metal inserts
The quality of the metal inserts has been improved by forging. This has resulted in greater product strength and, in addition, the risk of lateral deformation of the rubber track is prevented.

Rubber compound
We worked on a compound optimization process, ensuring an increased percentage of natural rubber compared to the synthetic component and ultra-thick carcass.

What are the differences between rubber and iron tracks?
Sampierana U/C Spare Parts offers two types of tracks in its spare parts catalogue: rubber and iron.
The choice of a machine fitted with a rubber track depends on the type of work and the type of terrain on which the machine will be working.
In most cases, on mini-excavators in the 1-5 ton class, rubber is chosen in 70% of cases. As the weight class of the machine increases, this percentage tends to reverse and the steel track version is preferred.

The choice to prefer the rubber track on mini-excavators also depends on other factors:

  • the rubber product offers greater traction and superior maneuverability compared to iron tracks;
  • rubber tracks are quieter and more comfortable to use.

However, the most important reason for choosing a rubber or iron track is the surface and type of use.

Application of rubber tracks
What types of construction machinery are they applied to?

  • Mini excavators;
  • Excavators;
  • Skid loaders;
  • Loaders;
  • Cranes and working platforms;
  • Mobile platforms;
  • Agricultural tractors;
  • Combine harvesters.

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Rubber tracks are one of our flagship spare parts, with unique features and varied applications.

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