The voices of Sampierana U/C Spare Parts: interview with Gaia Assistant Logistic Department


The offices on the ground floor of Sampierana are a corridor of glass windows hiding faces and voices in activity from early morning. Behind one of those doors is Gaia, who greets us with a smile and a desk full of personal and work memories.

When did your journey at Sampierana U/C Spare Parts begin?

I joined the company in November 2022, as an Assistant Logistic Department. My work location is here in San Piero, but the activity I carry out requires daily and constant contact with the Modena office.

Gaia U/C Spare Parts

How did you get to Sampierana? .

Immediately after the completion of university exams in Venice. While writing my master’s thesis, I returned to San Piero and, in the meantime, started looking for work in the area. I sent my curriculum vitae to Sampierana and, at that very moment, the girl who was filling my position was leaving. So a door opened for me here, even though I did not study logistics.

What is your field of study?

I graduated in Oriental Studies and studied Chinese Language. I make more use of English in the company.

How has your course of study helped you in your current job ?

It was important to help me stimulate the ability to adapt, to be curious and to put oneself out there. I learnt to accept what comes and see the good in what you are presented with. A detail that counts a lot in everyday work.

Did the predominantly male context of the metalworking industry create discomforts or problems for you?

No, actually not so much. Sampierana is a familiar environment and this aspect helped me to always feel at ease, I made friends with everyone and so I didn’t feel any differences. I felt at ease. Mine, then, was not a purely technical role and perhaps these differences are more noticeable in another role.

Could you tell us a few more details about how you do your job?

I manage the Logistics of Spare Parts located in the warehouse at the Modena site.

The sales manager of Sampierana U/C Spare Parts confirms the customer’s orders and organises the shipment. At this point, when the orders are ready, I communicate this to the customer. I try to work out whether the collection will be organised independently or whether we will organise it ourselves and, based on the feedback, I arrange transport with the couriers, evaluating the best offers.

What aspects of your work do you enjoy and inspire you?

Above all, communication, both with the customer and with colleagues. Being able to interact with the various parties, on the one hand supporting the customer, on the other hand finding support from colleagues inside and outside the warehouse, has an important impact on daily work.

It is the aspect I love most about this job.

Welcoming a visiting group to the San Piero in Bagno headquarters

You told us in advance that you are originally from San Piero in Bagno, where the Sampierana headquarters and your work are located. How do you experience being part of a local company?

At this particular time in my life it means a lot to me because when I am asked what I would like to do when I grow up, at the moment, I find it difficult to answer. Being here with my family, where there are my friends the old ones and the new ones, having at the same time my independence, helps me to build myself up day by day and take my time to continue doing it.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to get involved in logistics?

The first piece of advice is to be organised. The second, no less important, to ask, ask a lot and without fear. I was a bit shy in the beginning and hesitated to ask questions; instead, it is one of the first things to do, especially in such a familiar environment where everyone is willing to offer you support.

Modena U/C Spare Parts
Gaia and the U/C Spare Parts team at the Modena site

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