Z&P Baumaschinen Service GmbH: the voice of our customers from Germany


Christine Buchberger, purchasing manager at Z&P Baumaschinen Service GmbH, told us about their experience with us and what has kept them connected to the brand over the years.

We gathered the voice of Z&P, one of our longstanding customers located in Germany. Christine Buchberger, purchasing manager at Z&P Baumaschinen Service GmbH, told us about her experience with Sampierana U/C Spare Parts and what has kept her attached, over the years, to the brand.

How did you get to know Sampierana U/C Spare Parts?

The first contact between Sampierana U/C Spare Parts and Z&P began in 2012 through one of our customers interested in purchasing a Eurocomach excavator.

As is still the case today, networking in this industry is key to getting to know and be known.

Eurocomach, in our case, was an important conduit for meeting Sampierana U/C Spare Parts.

A year later, in 2013, we met the team in person at the Bauma International Trade Show, and from there began a partnership that continues to this day.

What has kept you connected to our brand?

The quality of Sampierana U/C Spare Parts products has proven to be consistently good. The material is flawless and demonstrates the effectiveness of the brand. This aspect is crucial for us.

We are fully satisfied with the quality of the products and the effectiveness of the service.

In particular, we have been impressed by the professional as well as human relationships created with us and the path we are taking together as partners.

Do you have future plans with our team in the coming months?

Yes, our Z&P company will be involved in the coming months to learn more about Berco supplies and will have the opportunity to meet in person again in May.

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