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Mara srl (Macchine Attrezzature Ricambi e Assistenza), a historic Komatsu dealer, was established in 1975 and is still a leader in the earthmoving machinery sector in Liguria.

Six years ago the meeting between Omar, an employee of Mara srl, and Alberto, sales representative of the Sampierana U/C Spare Parts team, laid the foundations for a new partnership. We have collected the testimony of our customer in a short fifteen-minute interview to tell you how it all began and why our relationship continues.

How did you get to know Sampierana U/C Spare Parts? .

The first contact came with the meeting of one of your sales representatives, Alberto. We received his visit six years ago and since then our business relationship with U/C Spare Parts began. After the first request for supplies, the relationship with U/C Spare Parts was strengthened. Today our service contact, Andrea, and Alberto, the sales representative, are also ‘at home’ as they say.


How has your demand for spare parts evolved over the years?

For us the entire offer of undercarriage spare parts is fundamental, but certainly the flagship product to which we are most linked is the track.
Quality, when it comes to tracks for undercarriage spare parts, is fundamental and in U/C Spare Parts we have found an exceptional partner in this sense.

How would you define Sampierana U/C Spare Parts in an adjective? .


What kept you tied to our brand?
The effectiveness of the service and the shipping times are the strengths that meet our needs. The relationship with the service representative is more than professional, we define it as “human” because Andrea is always available, ready to promptly resolve problems and satisfy our requests.
The service and the human component of U/ C Spare Parts are a non-obvious plus these days.

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